It is well established that cytokines and interferons are not only potent effectors of an immune response, but are actually master regulators of many diverse physiologic processes. The focus of this meeting is to bring together scientists from diverse areas of biomedical research to discuss the latest breakthroughs and insights into how cytokines and interferons regulate immunity, inflammation, metabolism, and cancer. Greater understanding of mechanisms of disease and novel concepts for therapy have and will continue to emerge from the International Cytokine & Interferon Society‘s annual multidisciplinary gatherings where advances are presented and discussed by established and trainee scientists alike. This event has become the world’s most important conference on basic, translational and clinical research related to cytokine biology. Recent annual meetings have been held in Kanazawa (Japan) and San Fransisco (USA), and have been exceptionally well attended. The most recent meeting held in Japan had 850 participants.

A major goal of the meeting is to promote the interactions between scientists focusing on cytokine signaling and function in diverse areas of biology, such as host-microbiota interactions, innate immunity, host defense, immune regulation of metabolism, primary immunodeficiencies, cancer immunotherapy and epigenetic regulation of cytokine expression – and how all of these translate into emerging therapies. Another goal of this meeting is to facilitate interactions between young investigators and trainees with established researchers in the interferon and cytokine field.

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